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Sports Nutrition Program in Chandigarh

Sports Nutrition Program by Dietitian Shipra

Sports Nutrition Program – Everyone should acknowledge the importance of eating nutritiously balanced meals, but those who are actively participating in sports or athletics, especially need to be aware of the fact that how it may impact their overall performance and therefore, results.

Sportspersons and athletes have different nutritional requirements than a normal human being, hence a successful dietary strategy is very crucial to get the desired results. A successful dietary strategy includes eating the right nutrients and proteins, at the right time and in the right portion size to achieve the best out of your body.

Subscribe to Diet Essence’s revolutionary Sports Nutrition program that will optimize and customize your daily meals to help you meet your athletic goals, whether they be for endurance, speed, strength or anything. This program will further assist you in creating a personalized strategy based on your age, gender, lifestyle, routine, type of sport and many other factors, to get the required output. Remember, discipline in food is the first step of you becoming a successful athlete.

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1 Month

₹ 3,499


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₹ 8,999



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₹ 14,999



12 Months

₹ 25,999


  1. The above mentioned pricing is inclusive of 18% GST.
  2. If you reside outside India, USD rates shall apply and payment must be done accordingly.
  3. Body Fat Analysis is to be done at our clinic in Chandigarh.
  4. Lifestyle maintenance plan do not apply for 1 month diet programs.
  5. The results depends on you sincerity and your perseverance. If you follow your diet plan strictly, results will come for sure but there are no guarantees and no refunds.
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Body Fat Analysis indicates the amount of fat present in your body. At our clinic, we use the highly advanced body fat analysis machine to determine the level of fat present in your body, thereby making the process of weight management more efficient & highly effective.


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